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At the core of Helenburgh Physiotherapy is a multi-faceted healthcare team with experience spanning thousands of treatment sessions with hundreds of patients. We continually draw on the insights, experiences, and knowledge of a diverse network of specialists, doctors and health research to deliver the right care needed for each health challenge.

Our Ecosystem of practitioners’ is an interactive living community drawing from diverse science-based disciplines’ to continually improve patient care and give us a unique cross-disciplinary approach. Large multi-disciplinary clinic with state of the art facilities available to patients to provide optimum outcomes;

Our rehabilitation studio allows us to perform HD slow motion gait and movement video analysis.

We aim to provide not simply symptom resolution but complete rehabilitation to ensure greatest outcomes after surgery or post injury.

We provide small group classes consisting of a DVA class, a balance and falls prevention class, Pilates classes, and a general fitness class. Most of which a covered under the patient’s private health cover.

Our staff works together to create custom designed detailed programs for our patients for both home and within the clinic when supervised.

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